Pop & Place Gift Tags (part 3)

The Pop & Place Gift Tag Book is a great way to add that special touch to those hand-made items this Holiday Season.  With the time I allotted myself I made 50 different items.  Yes, I said 50 different toppers, tags and even a couple cards.  Well, one regular and one mini sized cards.  [grin]   Above in the lower right corner is the mini-sized card.  The above tags and ... Read the Post

Pop & Place Gift Tags (Part 2)

  I enjoyed designing and working with the Pop & Place Gift Tags Book.  It includes 70+ tags in five paper designs, 2 pages of each design.  It also has a coordinating "Christmas Tagables Photopolymer" stamp set.  Here are a couple pics high-lighting the Mosaic, Chalk Talk, Artisan and Banner pieces.  I will be posting more of the tags I created using this fun Pop & Place Gift Tags ... Read the Post

Pop & Place Holiday Gift Tags (Part 1)

This weekend I played with the new Pop & Place Holiday Gift Tags.  WOW!  What a lot of bits and pieces to design with.  There were so many pieces I was bouncing all over the place (pun intended~grin) in the beginning, but then I started getting into my design groove and was able to create 50 (yes!) different tags, toppers and a couple cards. This is the first tag I want to share.  Even ... Read the Post