Rose Garden Thank You

  Yo!  It's Friday!  Woohoo!!!  My "day job" is hosting a night ski for all the employees.  Now I haven't skied in about 25 years and I don't really want to chance breaking something.  Lol!  So while most everyone is going to have a fun time up at Ski Bowl, there are a few that opted not to go.  Even though I'm not skiing I do get to leave early.  Woohoo!!! On that exciting note, here is my ... Read the Post

With Sympathy – Rose Garden

Good Monday morning stampin' peeps!  I hope you have a good weekend.  We finally went to see Sisters on Friday and LOVED IT!  I was laughing so hard that I almost pee'd my pants a couple times.  Lol!  On Sunday we also saw Star Wars for the second time.  I enjoyed it immensely, even thought I'm only a secret somewhat sci-fi person.  If it has a good story I'm game.  Then we came home and watched ... Read the Post

2015 Stamp Retreat Fun

I had a great time at the stamp retreat this weekend at the Oregon Garden Resort.  Here I am with a few of my friends.  We always say "whatever happens at the retreat stays at the retreat".  Lol! The weather was beautiful on Saturday and I even went for a walk and checked out several of the different gardens.  The view looking toward the resort lodge was amazing along with one of the many ... Read the Post