Santa’s Sleigh – Merry Christmas (sneak peek 4)

Good Monday morning!  I'm happy to report we are cooling down for a couple days before heating back up.  The swinging of tempuratures is throwing everyone around here for a loop.  I have 4-5 co-workers that have caught colds, I've been lucky enough to stay healthy.  Yay!  (knock on wood) Today I have one more design featuring the Santa's Sleigh Bundle in the soon to be live 2016 Holiday ... Read the Post

Pop of Paradise ~ Embossed Hello Flamingo

Happy "short week" Friday!  We were prepping for an Open House at my "day job" to celebrate 17 years as well as the addition of a new partner.  Needless to say it's been very busy.  Yesterday was a bussle-ing blur, getting everything set up and ready as well as helping prep a few additional hors d'oeuvre.  Shew.......I am happy to say we made it through and it was a hit.  Now I can get back to ... Read the Post

Boo! To You Spiders

  Happy Friday!  I had a very crazy week at work.  Our new accounting assistant worked a total of three days last week and then called on Friday to say she had taken another job.  It was very disheartening to say the least.  Well my boss and I are going to pull our boot straps up and just put in the extra effort to tough it out and wait a bit before looking for another assistant.  We will ... Read the Post