Christmas Candy Canning Jar

This is the second "redneck" candy jar I created.  The ornament shape was sitting on my worktable waiting for a good home and BAM! it told me it wanted to be put on a candy jar.  8-)  I was playing around with the ornament and love how over-the-top sparkly it looks with narrow silver glimmer strips glued to every other white stripe.   STAMPIN' SUPPLIES: STAMP:  None PAPER:  ... Read the Post

Autumn Canning Candy Jar

I was at a local craft store with a friend (I know, shame on me) and we came across what they called "redneck wineglasses".  We laughed out loud when we saw them.  They were a quart canning jar and candlestick holder glued together.  I was inspired to recreate them, decorate and fill them for different holidays, and give as gifts!     Above is the first jar I decorated.  It ... Read the Post