“Boo To You” Cornucopia Punch Art

Fall is definitely in the air.  The leaves of our oak tree are turning and it is beautiful.  The tree, at one point, will have green, yellow, orange and red leaves.  It truly is a wonder to see from my studio window while I'm working. Today's post is one of my designs featuring the "Boo To You" Framelits dies.  The idea of a cornucopia popped into my head when I first saw the "Witches Hat" from ... Read the Post

Ho Ho Ho – Penguin Santa

Yay!  It's Friday!  It's been a crazy week at our house.  They started work on our roof Tuesday morning.  We're having the entire thing reroofed and a couple new skylights installed.  We flirted with a couple wet-ish days, but they should have everything buttoned up and complete this afternoon.  I hope!  There is rain forecast for Saturday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to put ... Read the Post

Boo! To You Spiders

  Happy Friday!  I had a very crazy week at work.  Our new accounting assistant worked a total of three days last week and then called on Friday to say she had taken another job.  It was very disheartening to say the least.  Well my boss and I are going to pull our boot straps up and just put in the extra effort to tough it out and wait a bit before looking for another assistant.  We will ... Read the Post