Floral Trim & Wax Tissue Paper Gift Box

Floral Trim Wax Paper Gift Box


I finally photographed this lovely little gift box I designed for a local craft store Creative Submission.  I had already created the super cute Floral Trim topper and was instantly inspired by the Wax Tissue Paper and “Loopy” trim to combine all three for a FABULOUS little gift box.

The Floral Trim topper was made using Floral Trim Flowers, Silver Glimmer Cardstock, Large Pearls and Rhinestone, and mini silver string pearls I had on hand.  It is all held together with hot glue which I was able to build on our AWESOME Silicone Craft Sheet.

Hexagon Gift Box + Floral Trim Topper + Paper&Trim = me doing my happy chair dance!!!

Sparkly Hugs, Carol

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