Hello Winter Wonderland Washi Tape

Good Tuesday morning!  Well, we made it through the rain and the Trick or Treat'ers on Saturday night.  We had almost 2" of rain on Saturday.  There was a lot of flooding around town, fortunately we didn't have to go anywhere on Saturday.  Even with all the rain, we had five Trick or Treat'ers.  That was five more then we had last year.  We always have candy just in case.  When the first three ... Read the Post

Congratulations Motorcycle Punch Art

Yay!!! It's Friday!  We made it through another week.  Lol!  My brother asked his then girlfriend to marry him on the way to Sturgis last month (thankfully she said yes) and then they got married while they were there.  There were engaged on Sunday then married that following Wednesday.  I guess not many couples get married there so they were the talk of the town.  It was very sweet of him and he ... Read the Post

Thank You Bokeh Technique

Good Monday morning stampin' peeps!  My monthly morning and evening classes on Saturday were fun and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing about what's been happening with them.  I even had a couple new class attendees.  I love getting to meet new people and help them get their craft on.  Lol!   This design is the first of five we made in class this month.  I first learned how to do ... Read the Post